Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sticks and Stones

I am very proud of myself. I did not text, bbm, blog, tweet, browse, or voice note ONCE to or from work today, as the new law in Massachusetts, which came into effect today, states it is illegal to do so. So, I had to find something else to do today on the 45 minute (on a good day) commute home, and since just simply driving and solely paying attention to the road is not that exciting, I decided to interact with my fellow commuters in the cars next to me. I wanted to see how many people I could make eye contact with, and at that moment I gave myself three options: friendly wave, enthusiastic thumbs up, or for the lucky ones, a creepy smile. I like to think I was spreading joy all over 93-south. I was pretty off with my timing with one car though and I decided to wave to just as I was passing her, and since I did not want her to think the wave meant "Sayonara Suckaahh", I slowed down and let her pass me. Hopefully she still did not get the wrong idea. This kept me occupied until I reached my exit, and by that time Bob Seger "Night Moves" had come on the radio, so I had other things to do. 

Another famous blogger besides myself, Perez Hilton, blogged a lot yesterday about the bullying going on in schools and the suicides to follow (especially by gay teens). The past year there was a number of kids from Massachusetts to take their lives because of bullying, and it just makes me sick. I know I am no saint, by any means, but one of the most important lessons my parents taught me was never to mean, always invite everyone in the class to a birthday party, and make sure no one is sitting alone. That can not be stressed enough. If my children are bullies, I will fucking kill them, I will not stand for that. Being intolerant is being ignorant, and kids should not feel tortured when they go to school everyday. It all makes me cringe, hopefully some day parents and schools will teach children to be more accepting of others, but then again, people high up on the ladder aren't too accepting either. (I'm trying to stay the least political I can here).

 It takes to much effort to be mean. I know I have my days, but it is so unnecessary to be a bitchy and negative person, no one likes those people. 

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. I encourage everyone to wave to strangers on the road. It's not always for a reaction, but most of the time...

That is all. 

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