Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pack Rat

Happy Glee Day, everyone.

Today, I was going through old emails and decided to delete some. I then went to my trash folder to clean that up as well. There were loads of emails in there from various stores and websites that I stupidly gave my email address to, you know, the places that everyday you wake up with 15 new emails on your phone offering you the best deals around. Obviously those get instantly moved to the trash. I noticed for the first time today on gmail the "delete forever" button. FOREVER?! All of a sudden I got a bit nervous... what if sometime down the road in the near or distant future I want to print out that Under Armor coupon for buy one get one 15% off pairs of socks?! IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER?! Then I stopped myself and realized this must be the same mind set that started that TLC "Hoarders" show. Is it the fear of the "just in case"? Just in case I want those socks, just in case I want to leave my current job and apply to the telemarking position monster.com emailed me with, just in case I still need my confirmation number from my Las Vegas 2009 trip. Is it possible to be an email hoarder?

Don't worry, they were all deleted. I did not let the fear of the "just in case" get to me.

But how do I explain the devil costume from sophomore year halloween still in my closet, or the new years eve hat I just noticed on my coat rack?

Perhaps I need to let go of the "just in case" fear. Most of that stuff is replaceable, shall I ever need it. There is a difference between being prepared and being unnecessary. Where to draw the line? Maybe at the Seth Cohen OC poster still hanging on my wall? Nah..he's still cute.

On another note, I was stuck in rainy traffic today and passed the time with a game I call "HOW MANY SONGS!?" You hit the seek button and see how many stations you can go in a row with knowing the words to the song that came up. My record today was six before a song on 101.7 really messed me up right as I was pulling in my driveway.

That is all.

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